Professional shop front 

We provide a bespoke website design, which will incorporate your logo, colours, font. The customer journey is slick. From homepage to the point of sale. The customer will find it intuitive, quick, and easy. Our bread and butter package comes with a pre-made template which we apply your branding and products to.


Easy-to-Use WordPress

FoodE websites are built using WordPress. It is simple and easy-to-use software. No prior  experience is necessary. It’s quick and easy to learn. We will train you and your team on WordPress, and provide a user guide. So you will find all the easy-to-use features and capabilities.


Accountancy Integration

FoodE integrates with all major accounting software i.e. QuickBooks, Sage, Wave or Xero.  

Sales invoices are generated automatically. The data is shared with your accounting system.  No need to upload spreadsheets or add each sale manually. Improving accuracy. Saving you  hours of time! 



Link your delivery or courier service with our smart system. Have it book collections  automatically. And print labels directly. No need to copy and paste delivery details anymore. Fulfil more orders in less time. Delivery tracking with updates.


Easy Product Management

Import many products to the website automatically. No need to manually add lines. Easy access to edit product pricing, imagery, descriptions, and stock levels. In just a few clicks.


Enhanced Customer Journey

Deliver an exceptional customer journey. Improve shopping experience with a user-friendly website. Use helpful features like stockist maps, related products, address lookups, and  reminder emails. Improve the customer brand journey and experience. 


Data Reporting

How do you know what you don’t know? With better data, you can make better business  decisions. Start working on your business, not in your business. 

With real-time intelligent data you can: 

• Discover your best-selling products 

• Demonstrate which of your marketing activities are working 

• See high traffic days/times 

• Make useful customer recommendations for upselling

Both headline reports and in-depth data are available on the dashboard. Each month you’ll receive an email with recommendations for business growth.


E-Marketing Integration to increase sales opportunities

Sync with Mailchimp for email campaigns, HubSpot for tracking, CRM platforms. Build meaningful relationships with your customers by tracking shopping habits, remind them to check out and offer relevant discounts.